In May 2017, ECOtanka Global Limited (NZ) obtained the full ownership of the brand ECOtanka and the distribution rights for New Zealand and Australia.  By then, the Australian market had not been kept updated, and there hadn't been one distributor with the full authorization for ECOtanka Australia. 

Aaron Broderick, the owner of ECOtanka, had completed his mission in China to manage ECOtanka factory productions, quality control and supply chain systems at this point in time when the opportunity came for him to move to Australia and setup ECOtanka distribution.

Aaron and his wife Lilian moved to Australia in December 2017 and started the process of setting up their new life and the new company. The new company is formed as AuzzieChoice PTY LTD with a registered business name ECOtanka Australia.  The two new websites will be and .

Aaron and Lilian are really looking forward to introduce the ECOtanka brand to all Australians for them enjoy our quality products for which we have been working so hard and persistent over years!

Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2018