ECOtanka is a New Zealand owned brand since 2007. The founders of ECOtanka, Aaron Broderick and other partners started the stainless steel drink ware business back in 2005 in Nelson, New Zealand and soon developed into the brand ECOtanka a few years later. Soon afterwards, the brand took off and went globally very fast. 

ECOtanka was later on split into two companies in 2010, ECOtanka International Limited who managed the New Zealand and Australian markets and ECOtanka Global Limited who managed the distribution for all other countries and the manufacturing in China. 

Aaron personally moved to China and set up a Hong Kong company to better manage ECOtanka orders and productions with Chinese factories and suppliers.  Unaware to Aaron, this process took a lot longer than the expected time frame of 1 year he allowed.  After 7 years of living in China full time and learning all about stainless steel products' production and how Chinese factories work, he finally succeeded at managing a complete supply chain system and a quality assurance and quality control system for ECOtanka products.

In May of 2017, the full ownership of the brand ECOtanka was transferred to ECOtanka Global Limited, which is now the full and the only owner of ECOtanka brand in the world.  Aaron Broderick is the sole Director of the ECOtanka Global Limited.

Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2018